February 02, 2004


What about those of us who weren't offended by it but have nonetheless been forced to listen to everyone else on Earth either bitching and moaning about it or bitching and moaning about the people who are bitching and moaning about it?

No apology for us?

Posted by: Dodd at 09:54 AM

Actually, this was a crack about the decline of MTV more than anything else more recently topical.

But as to your point directly, as you like to say, this is my blog and I will write about what interests me. The exposure of Janet's breast in and of itself is a minor thing, but it is more of an indicator that pop entertainment no longer knows or respects any bounds of propriety. I try not to be too much of a boor about it, but is it so wrong to ask that sleaze be kept away from common daily intercourse?

Posted by: charles austin at 08:39 PM