January 25, 2004

Back In a Few...

I have some pressing matters that require much more attention than usual. Therefore, blogging shall be light to non-existent for a few weeks. If you are local, don't forget the MWBB coming up on February 7 at 6:00 PM at TNG's in Kirkwood.

Perhaps, if we are all lucky, when I return the phrase "back in the day" will have fallen out of favor.

DOWNDATE: Post corrected. The MWBB is on February 7, not on Heaven forbid, Groundhog Day.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 25, 2004 06:35 PM

Good luck. And I'll be there at the Bash.

You have the 2nd listed here, it's still supposed to be the 7th, though, right?

Posted by: Rodya at 06:44 PM



Posted by: charles austin at 10:53 PM

I would love to make the MWBB. However, I must send my regrets instead. I have to run the Pack Pinewood Derby the same day.

Posted by: Jon at 09:57 AM