January 15, 2004

Gore Has a Betterer Idea

For most people, a light bulb is semiotically sufficient to indicate a sudden inspirational thought, but when Al gets started on global warming...

gore idea.jpg

Woe unto those downwind from the fallout of his brainstorms! Is that some kind of Angry Left gang sign Al is flashing with his left hand? Hmm... , I wasn't at the presentation today, but was Al proposing a nuclear winter to offset global warming? And, oh yeah, is it just me or does this picture remind anyone else of Dr. Strangelove?

gore strangelove.jpg

Posted by Charles Austin at January 15, 2004 05:26 PM

In an alternate universe, MoveOff.org supporters would be using those pics in a "Gore=Hitler" ad...

Posted by: HH at 06:15 PM