January 11, 2004

Bullies Always Pick on the Smaller Kids

If there is anything that gives me confidence in thinking that political correctness is an abomination, it is the way the Boy Scouts have been treated for not allowing gay and atheist Scout Leaders:

If the Boy Scouts leaves its Balboa Park site after nearly 60 years, it's a safe bet the city will be bombarded by requests from groups eager to lease the cultivated campground.

But for now, no one is publicly declaring intentions for the wooded property.

On Thursday, the city of San Diego announced it has agreed to cancel its lease with the Boy Scouts for Camp Balboa. The move likely will extend the legal battle over the site for years, so any new suitors are bound to have a long wait.

At the heart of the matter is a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union saying the city cannot lease the land to a group that discriminates against homosexuals and those who do not believe in God.

When your politics dictate making the Boy Scouts a pariah, may I suggest you need to reexamine your assumptions. I don't think being a card-carrying libertarian should force me to have to choose between acknowledging gay rights and having to destroy the Boy Scouts.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 11, 2004 08:15 PM

I feel fortunate to live in an area that encourages and supports Scouting.

The Americans for Constructing a Liberal Utopia (ACLU), otherwise known (by me anyway) as the postmodern iconoclasts, are overdoing it yet again. Defending civil liberties is a good thing and I'm all for defending civil liberties. However, I do wonder how effective someone can be defending something if they don't grasp the true source of the thing they are defending.

I also remember a Boy Scout color guard presenting the American flag at the Democratic National Convention getting boo-ed. Yet another "proud" moment for the mush-for-brains of the country.

Posted by: Jon at 10:36 AM