January 09, 2004


I don't particularly pay much attention to whatever the polls say today. As Howard Dean is learning in Iowa, it only matters how you do at the end of the race. But with defections like Ed Koch today, the handwriting is on the wall. I'm not saying its going to be a landslide because Ed Koch jumped ship, but because of the reasons Ed Koch enumerates for jumping ship. The juvenile displays of anger are not convincing and they will not compensate for the vast majority or middle America that wants to fight the War on Terrorism, instead of asking the rest of the world to talk about it some more -- if that's ok with France, Germany, and all the tyrants at the UN, of course.

I'm still trying to decide whether a Senate with 60 Republicans is a good thing or not. I think 58 would be very good, but 60 does give me a little pause.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 9, 2004 11:57 PM

Don't worry about the Senate. On NRO, John Miller predicts a net gain of 2 for the GOP to give them a 53-47 majority. If I were to put money on it I would maybe give the GOP another 2... maybe.

Posted by: Jon at 09:48 AM