January 09, 2004

Today's Magic Wand Award Goes To...

General Wesley Clark!

"If I'm president of the United States, I'm going to take care of the American people," Clark said in a meeting with the Monitor editorial board. "We are not going to have one of these incidents."

Clark, a retired Army general, envisioned a future in which Americans "have more confidence in ourselves as a people." He continued: "Nothing is going to hurt this country - not bioweapons, not a nuclear weapon, not a terrorist strike - there is nothing that can hurt us if we stay united and move together and have a vision for moving to the future the right way."

magic wand.jpg magic wand.jpg magic wand.jpg magic wand.jpg

This earns a rousing four magic wands to inaugurate what will be a recurring theme on this blog, wherein we will recognize, ridicule and reward statements that can only be accomplished with PFM!

Posted by Charles Austin at January 9, 2004 01:38 PM

"PFM"... would that be "Plenty of (cough, cough) Magic"?

Posted by: Russ at 03:12 PM

Hey, he's a Rhodes Scholar. They have powers we can never understand.

Posted by: Rodya at 04:36 PM

Who will be the first to ask Clark what he recommended after the first WTC attack while he was still a General in the US Army?

Posted by: Dave Himrich at 12:50 AM