January 07, 2004

"Judy, Judy, Judy"

Are you partial to Cary Grant or George Lindsey? Either way, she'll be a scarce commodity on the campaign trail:

Dean said his wife, Judy, will do television interviews and possibly appear in a campaign commercial. But if he wins the nomination, her life will remain focused on her medical career and caring for their teenage son still living at home, he said.

Judy Dean, 50, is a doctor with a full-time practice in their hometown of Burlington, Vt., where she is known professionally as Judy Steinberg. Dean said she would practice medicine in Washington if he won the presidency.

"We support each other's goals in life. Her goal is to be a good doctor and a good mom. I think that's a pretty good goal and I support that," Dean told reporters from several media outlets on his campaign bus Tuesday night.

"I do not intend to drag her around because I think I need her as a prop on the campaign trail," he added.

Well, I should hope not. That's what Al Gore is best used for. Say, do you think Al is angling for the VP slot again? Hmm..., but there is one thing Howard seems more than his usual naive self about:

Dean said his two children -- Paul, 17, and Anne, 19 -- will be "out of bounds" as he pursues the presidency.

Good luck. I mean that sincerely. I hope that Ms. Steinberg and their children don't have their lives disrupted and overanalyed by Big Media. After all, it's not like Ms. Steinberg has offered herself up as a co-president or suggested that we'll be getting two for one if Howard Dean should win. But whatever else may happen, we should all do whatever we can to help make sure that all of their lives are not completely disrupted for at least four years by Big Media and the Secret Service.

Posted by Charles Austin at January 7, 2004 06:35 PM