January 01, 2004

The Triumph of Hope Over Experience

Predictions for 2004:

Saddam Hussein gets an agent and a book deal. Alas, he never gets very far on the first draft of his manuscript as he is killed by an Iraqi.

The quality and the quantity of the blogosphere improve, even as its Borg-like nature becomes apparent.

The US economy continues to do very well with a cheap dollar.

Zimbabwe raises the ante on North Korea for the worst place on earth -- and the UN does nothing.

The Democratic National Convention makes for great TV as no one has been selected after eight ballots. Buoyed by internal polling results, Hillary Clinton assents to receiving the nomination.

The Republican National convention does not make for great TV.

We will begin to get reports from Big Media on the brutal Syrian summer and the brutal North Korean winters.

Suicide bombers strike the US in the month before the election.

President George W. Bush is relected with almost 400 electoral votes and 54% of the popular vote, but his coattails are surprisingly short.

There is a coup in North Korea and Kim Jong Il is deposed and disposed of.

The usual suspects will continue to do all those things which have earned them the moniker, "The Usual Suspects."

Posted by Charles Austin at January 1, 2004 09:34 AM

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