December 14, 2003

Random Shots

If we were able to confirm that it was Saddam in a few hours via a DNA test, why do DNA tests in many court cases take weeks or longer?

John Kerry was despicable this morning. While running concurrent "live" interviews on CBS and FOX, he said that this was not a day for partisan attckas and then proceeded on to his usual litany of partisan attacks including President Bush not confirming the Kyoto treaty. Please. At least Howard Dean has the good sense to stay off the air for a while. Kerry has not only blown his chance at the presidency, but I don't think he'll be taken seriously as a senior statesman any longer once this is all over.

On NFL Gameday, as I expected, Chris Berman started off by noting Saddam's capture and thanking our troops. Then as he got ready to move on to football, Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin interrupted him and let everyone know loudly that Saddam Hussein had just been "jacked up!" You bet.

The euphoria won't last -- it never does -- but we should enjoy it while it lasts.

Posted by Charles Austin at December 14, 2003 11:10 AM