December 08, 2003

About Time

Finally, Bill Janklow accepts some responsibility and resigns from Congress:

U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow resigned from Congress on Monday following his conviction for manslaughter, stemming from an automobile accident in which he killed a motorcycle rider in a collision, his office said.

Personally, I think he should have resigned from Congress after the accident. It would have made me think a lot more of him if he had acknowledged his guilt and asked for mercy instead of mounting a weak, and ultimately unsuccessful, defense in which he tried to evade the responsibility for running a stop sign and killing a motorcyclist. We should expect better behavior from every adult, especially those in Congress.

Posted by Charles Austin at December 8, 2003 09:55 PM

I wonder if that last line should have read: "We should expect better behavior from every adult, even those in Congress."

Posted by: greg at 03:51 AM