November 03, 2003

Off Topic

If someone should ever decide to do a movie on Laurel and Hardy, Hugh Grant should play Stan Laurel. I saw him from afar on a television without sound today (I work next to an NBC affiliate) and he has the expressions down pat, as well as the long face and tall slender build. I feel certain from his past work he could pull off the comedy without a hitch.

As to who should be Oliver Hardy, that's a tougher one for me. But maybe a good candidate to play the rotund half of this duo could be Michael Moore. Of course, he'd have to shave, bathe, learn to act rationally, and lose a little weight first. Hmmm, maybe Oliver Platt would be a better choice. At least he might be used to being called "Ollie."

Posted by Charles Austin at November 3, 2003 08:05 PM