November 01, 2003

Smells Like Dean Spirit

The Democrats in Congress really are losing their minds:

Top Democrats in Congress are planning a second, "independent" investigation into the role of the White House and the Pentagon in processing pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

The Democrats-only inquiry, targeting the actions of Condoleezza Rice and senior Pentagon officials, would be a dramatic breach of Washington protocol. It would be led by rebel members of the Senate Intelligence Committee (SIC), which has spent more than four months investigating the quality and use of the intelligence.

Breaches of protocol and a complete disregard for precedent aren't exactly new to the current Democratic leadership though.

Senior Democrats have accused the committee's Republican chairman, Pat Roberts, of giving top White House and Pentagon officials an easy ride. According to Richard Durbin, a Chicago senator and SIC member, a public split and new inquiry is inevitable.

"We want to know whether the administration put pressure on the agencies to come up with certain kinds of information. It's the very question that has been explored at great length in Britain at the Hutton Inquiry," he told The Telegraph.

"If the Republican leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee is determined to protect the administration at any cost, we'll do the investigative job on our own."

Let's see, when was the last time one party lined up to protect its president at all costs. Hmm..., I think it was fairly recently. Anyone?

The inquiry, under a rule never evoked before, would have legal powers to demand documents and summon witnesses from within the administration, potentially leading to high-ranking confrontations with top Bush officials.

As the American death toll in Iraq mounts, it has become clear that Democrats have claimed the Iraq war and its aftermath as their own battleground for the forthcoming presidential elections.

Bring it on. May the Democrat Party shrivel up and fall into the decline it deserves as they put their desire for power over the need to protect America. Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, eh boys and girls?

Posted by Charles Austin at November 1, 2003 10:44 PM

I liked that reference to Dick Durbin: Chicago senator. Ha ha. I would have some serious concerns with him serving on any committee that has "intelligence" in the title. The Democrats slash and burn methods keep getting uglier and uglier.

Posted by: Minister of Disinformation at 12:59 PM