October 30, 2003

When the Going Gets Tough...

All the Democrats can talk about are the absence of hindsight-enabled utopian plans, quagmires, fraudulent coalitions, turning the mission over to the UN (who, incidentally, have just bugged out -- back to the drawing board, I guess), bodycounts lacking any historical perspective, or just about anything but the long, dirty, bloody business of winning the War on Terrorism, not just one of the battles. The quagmire of Vietnam isn't quite the right analogy to be drawn from current events in Iraq. Since Iraq is only one battle in the long War on Terrorism, Iraq isn't Vietnam, but Tet all over again with the Democrats and Big Media lined up to serve the same roles they played before to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And if the bastards succeed in making Iraq into a failure like they did with Tet, then we could still lose the War on Terrorism like we lost Vietnam -- with much greater consequence.

More than anything else, The Nine + Hillary! remind me of the Monty Python skit about the accountant who wants to be a lion tamer. Remember him? Mild-mannered, dreadfully dull guy who talked real tough and wanted to be the hero adored by the crowds, despite the results of the employment aptitude test that clearly indicated he was best suited to be an accountant. When offered the results of the employment aptitude test, our accountant admitted he was an accountant, but that he was looking for more adventure in his life, to get away from the dreadful dullness of his current profession. After some further questioning, it became painfully obvious that our accountant didn't really comprehend what being a lion tamer really entailed, and when confronted with an actual lion he shrieked and cowered, collapsing into a Rain Man-like state repeating the safe and sure mantras of accounting which made him feel safe and happy in his own little world.

I'd draw more explicit comparisons to actual events in the Democrat's debates, but I haven't watched any of them, and I'm certainly not going to waste any time looking up the transcripts. Presumably, you can draw the other allusions without any further prompting from me.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 30, 2003 04:56 PM