October 23, 2003

The Scourge of Richard Cohen, Vol. XCVI

(Ed. -- The following is a bit of mean spiritedness that will be an on-going feature of this blog. Normally the author will endeavor to be reasonably fair, but this is an exception.)

I have learned from one of my blog friends that perhaps the Scourges are a bit long, if not long in the tooth. Well, as Barney Miller once said, "I don't have enough friends that I can afford to lose them," so I'm going to avoid Richard Cohen's advice one more time in How To Lose a Friend:

Oh brave and maybe foolish man that I am...

Well, Dick's half right. Hey, that's more credit than I usually give him.

Is that better?

Posted by Charles Austin at October 23, 2003 11:33 PM

Richard Cohen, always promises, never delivers.

When I read the title, and then started reading the column, why I thought he was brave and maybe foolish because he was going to lose a friend by telling him the truth (at least as Richard saw it).

Boy, was I wrong. Instead, it's about how America the foolish lost a friend by its "style". Well, all I can say is, some friend.

Oh, and Charles, you could shorten it even further: SSDD. Sadly, that applies to most columnists, of every political persuasion.

Posted by: Kevin Murphy at 10:10 AM

I didn't say they were too long. I said they were long enough that two in a row was kinda overwhelming. Big difference. :-P

Posted by: Dodd at 10:20 AM

Your site almost never pings anymore, Charles. I would guess that has a lot to do with any loss of readers you've noticed. I like the Scourges, personally.

Posted by: tanya at 11:23 AM

I like the long scourges, myself. Nothing says I have to read it all in one sitting.

Posted by: Kerry at 03:40 PM