October 21, 2003

TMQ Haiku

Fans of Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ) on ESPN (sorry, no link available) were accustomed to reading haiku regularly about the NFL. To help overcome your Tuesday morning haiku jones I offer the following:

Gregg's fate was sealed when he made
it crystal clear he
was not a Friend of (Kill) Bill

The donnybrook over an
Easterbrook blog post
reflects badly upon all

demise is just so
M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse

Political correctness
demands that no one
be merely wrong -- but evil

Tuesday Morning Quarterback's
a casualty
of Eisner's Rush to judgment

Limbaugh's canned, McNabb is benched
Rush now in rehab.
Bad things in threes -- Gregg is canned...

Of course, I would have published this sooner, but:

DoS attacks stopped this
from being posted
much earlier this morning

My feelings towards Mr. Easterbrook's dismissal can be inferred from the haiku above. At least ESPN is consistently stupid, if nothing else. Enter your own relevant haiku in the comments below.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 21, 2003 06:40 PM

But, pardon me for saying so, I'm pretty sure that haikus are 5-7-5 rather than 7-5-7.

They're still excellent, though. Especially the one beginning with E-S-P-N T-M-Q.

Another question: Why oh why can't I mark text on this site? When I click and drag, it marks everything BUT what I'm pointing at. Odd, that.

Posted by: Emperor Misha I at 01:57 AM