October 19, 2003

Hmmm..., Any bites?

I just heard a commercial from the ubiquitous TV as background noise in which someone asked, "If Mr. Goodwrench were a tool, what kind of tool would he be?"

My guess: a dickfor.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 19, 2003 12:26 PM

ok, ok. i'll say it.

"gee, charles, what's a dickfor?"

Posted by: tanya at 01:24 PM

I guess it's just a sort of hangover from Bourbon Street.

Posted by: charles austin at 05:45 PM

"No, sorry. Miter saw - miter saw is what we were looking for."

Posted by: Dodd at 01:27 PM

I've thought of a number of responses, but all of them will only get me deeper into trouble.

Posted by: charles austin at 02:59 PM

Hmm... Well, at least you seem to be feeling better. I know we're all glad for that.

Posted by: greg at 07:41 PM