October 11, 2003

The Tipping Point?

Have we reached the tipping point on recognition of Big Media's anti-American, anti-Bush, and anti-conservative propoganda concerning the liberation of Iraq? Hot on the heels of Andrew Sullivan raking Frontline's Martin Smith over the coals for seemingly endless repetition of the Big Lie, we have our mates Down Under taking Big Media to the proverbial woodshed over their, well, reporting. Wait until fellow Spleenville resident Tim Blair wakes up and reads this tomorrow:

The ABC has been found guilty of "serious bias" in its reporting of the Iraq war, in breach of the public broadcaster's own editorial policy.

An independent panel found 12 cases of serious anti-US bias all relating to AM, the ABC's flagship morning current affairs radio program opening a fresh round of hostilities between the Coalition and the ABC.

They have strengthened the Government's intention to apply more scrutiny to the ABC with a new, government-appointed watchdog now the most likely outcome.

Maybe they'll hire Tim!

Posted by Charles Austin at October 11, 2003 11:43 PM