October 09, 2003

Dumb and Dumberer

It occured to me while reading Mickey Kaus today that if the Angry Left were half as good at executing plans to win elections as they are at coming up with conspiracies to justify their increasingly numerous failures, they could have won the recall election, i.e., kept Gray Davis in office.

Since some guy named George B. Schwartzman got almost 11,000 votes and came in ninth in the California Gubernatorial recall election, apparently for no reason other than a surnamic similarity to the Governor Elect, why didn't Bob Mulholland and fiends (non sic) go out and try to skew the election like any true DNC leader? Why, in St. Louis alone, there are over 700 listings in the phonebook for Schwandters, Schwaningers, Schwarks, Schwartzs, Schwartzbecks, Schwartzbergs, Schwarzburts, Schwatzes, Schwartzels, Schwartzkopfs, Schwartzmans, Schwartzmeyers, Schwarzs, Schwarzbachs, Schwarzbauers, Schwarzes, Schwarzens, Schwarzkopfs, Schwarzens, Schwarzenbachs, Schwarzmans, Schwarztraubers, etc. And let's not ignore the almost 400 listings for the Arnolds in the phonebook. There must certainly be at least this many people with similar given names and surnames throughout California.

I'm just saying that this might have been a much more effective way to spend all those millions Gray Davis and his minions wasted trying to fight the recall through slander and innuendo via the media. Just imagine if the recall ballot were 4, or 5, or 10, or 20 times as long with most of the names being same variant of Schwarz***** or Arnold. Do you still think Arnold Schwarzenegger would have won? Or would it have been easier to get enough people to just say screw it and vote NO on the recall.

Maybe it wouldn't have mattered this time, but in a closer election, who knows?

Posted by Charles Austin at October 9, 2003 06:42 PM