October 09, 2003

Nobel Peace Prize

There has been a fair amount of speculation going around about who's going to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year. I believe it's going to be Jimmy Carter again.

Why? Because old Jimmuh's still opposed to the war and he remains the A-1 primo representative for what the men and women on the Nobel Peace Prize committee prize most in their ignoble efforts to piece together a transnational progressive world that will always be at peace because they just declare it to be so -- just like George Orwell predicted 55 years ago in 1984. And when the transnational progressives get their way, we'll all be driving 55 again, but for no more than 12 years, when I turn 55, which is how long it might take for their Luddite visions to bring about the total collapse of the world's top 55 economies. I figure the odds that this chain of events happening, starting with Jimmuh winning the Nobel Peace Prize again, are no longer than 55-1. But since 55 is a integral palindrome, just like 2002, when Jimmuh won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, maybe the odds are closer to 5.5-1, or 11-2, which eeriely introduces 11 and 2 to the discussion -- 11, which along with 5 are the prime factors of 55, and 2 times 55 is 110, which is the total number of Nobel Peace Prize winners to date. Also, there have been 55 recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize since 1955, which brings together 55 and the most exalted 19. (If you enter "19 Farrakhan numerology meaning" into Google it returns 55 results.)

I'm going to stop here before I reveal too much to the uninitated.

DONWDATE: There was a flaw in my numerology somewhere.

Posted by Charles Austin at October 9, 2003 06:31 PM