September 29, 2003

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

I should be celebrating the Cubs ascent into the rarefied air of the playoffs. Instead, I am cursing the powers that were that ruined my love of Major League Baseball ten years ago.

Sorry, this isn't enough to bring me back, and you never will have my kid's love. Branding can be negative as well as positive.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 29, 2003 11:38 AM

I used to feel the same way, but it was a long hot summer, and there was nothing better to do, then I started to follow the box scores ... and they sucked me right back in! I'll probably never keep track of MLB like I do with the NFL, but baseball has its moments.

Would a World Series game in Wrigley bring you back in, a little?

Posted by: MarcV at 12:41 PM

screw mlb. they had their chance.

Posted by: greg at 06:15 PM

I'll watch and I hope they win, but I won't be back.

Posted by: charles austin at 08:52 PM

It's all based on anecdotal evidence, but St Louis folks tend to have taken the strike worse than other places.

I feel the same way.

Posted by: TheYeti at 11:24 AM

I guess I'm sort of fortunate to have been overseas in the navy during that time. I have a four-year gap in all my sports knowledge -- I not only couldn't watch any games, but the box scores couldn't compete with the Filipinas for my attention -- so for me it's as though the strike season never happened. Go Cubs!

Posted by: Lawrence Haws at 03:42 PM

I basically gave up on MLB about 1980. Wouldn't mind seeing a minor-league baseball team locate somewhere within driving distance though. I don't envy places like Omaha and Billings often but I do for their ball teams. You can still love minor-league baseball; you can't love the bigs anymore.

Posted by: Christopher Johnson at 04:28 PM