September 18, 2003

Oh, Puhleeze

Laurence Tribe opines today in the WSJ:

It's wrong to hold an election if some voters will be disfranchised.

There you have the perspective from the Left when they don't get their way: If we can't have Utopia, then damnitalltohell, we'll have nothing -- and like it! Damn proles!

I'll leave it to the lawyers to debate the law in this case, but even for a layman, the arguments presented here and elsewhere to stop the recall do not pass the smell test. Just remember who it is that is going to court to interefere with elections over (Gore in 2000), over (Torricelli in 2002), and over (Davis in 2003), when it looks like the results aren't going to please them. And that's not even considering not showing up to work (Texas 2003) or abusing the conventions of the institutions (U.S. Senate fillibusters for judicial nominations) when they are going to lose.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 18, 2003 03:35 PM