September 09, 2003

Bring The Troops Home!

While I welcome the Left's sudden fascination with, and deep concern for, the welfare of all our men and women in uniform I can't help but notice that their concern for the warfighters and defenders of America became evident only when it became possible to use it as a cudgel against President George W. Bush. Alas, I fear their newly learned words of support and encouragement for those they called "baby killers" in the not too distant past will dissipate as rapidly as they materialized should Howard Dean or Hillary Clinton be sworn in as our next President on January 20, 2005.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 9, 2003 08:24 PM

Was it ever different? Only WWII IMHO, and only because the blunt reality of the alternative to winning that war was accepted, belatedly, by such a vast majority of the population. Today, the need to prevail completely over islamo-terror is still not accepted, these people, Dean, Clinton, et al., would make further deals with these devils, ala France.

Posted by: Steve Malynn at 08:56 AM