September 08, 2003

Global Cooling or Global Warming?

Today's most overused adjective from the Giardian:

Al-Qaida issues a chilling warning

Oooo, ooo, ooo, chilling. I think this calls for some serious preemption delivered with hot lead and cold steel to deal with this fungus among us. But ..., but ..., scientists now think that fungi are more likely to cause global warming than global cooling:

Scientists probing the frozen soil beneath Colorado's Rocky Mountain snowpack have found a world of microbes no one knew existed -- a world dominated by microscopic fungi unlike any others previously found on Earth.

So numerous and diverse are these newly discovered organisms that scientists are having to rewrite the book on the ecological importance of fungi -- life forms that are neither animals nor plants but which, as nature's premier recyclers, do a big share of the work of keeping Earth in biological and chemical balance.

Indeed, scientists said, if other regions of the world have similar fungal communities thriving under their winter snows, as now seems likely, climatologists will have to revise their models of global warming to accommodate fungi's surprisingly massive role in the winter production of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

Who to disbelieve more, Big Media on the War on Terror or Big Environmentalism on global warming? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Posted by Charles Austin at September 8, 2003 09:19 PM

Avoid the rush. Disbelieve them both.

Posted by: Jon at 10:36 AM

You are killing me, man!

Posted by: Katherine at 01:14 AM