September 06, 2003

The Liberation of Iraq Was a Good Thing, Pass It On

The blogosphere is positively brimming with stories from returning troops and others about how much better the situation in Iraq is than what we hear from Big Media and Big Politics every day. Of course, Big Media will focus on controversy and bad news under any and all conditions because it is their nature. And since Big Media has so much invested in declaring Iraq a disaster, it is unlikely that they will willingly cross over the line in the sand they have drawn with such gusto. And we must always discount the self-serving pronouncements from Big Politics as well, since they must always do their best to convince us that the current ogre responsible for every bad thing that has happened in living memory needs to be slain and replaced with the latest self-proclaimed knight in shining armor who cares only for us and will see to our welfare and security like no one else can, because they have good hair or a clever slogan, or something.

If things are going as well in Iraq as may of us believe, then two things should happen. First, the current administration needs to be very forceful in the denunciations of the fear-mongers, worry-warts, and Chicken Littles of Big Politics and their enablers and start doing a better job of publicizing the good things that have been done. Maybe tonight's speech is the start of this effort. As Judy Tenuta used to say, "it could happen." How about recording 1-minute video testimonials from people on the street in Iraq who are willing to give their names and making these tapes available to the media, or better yet, posting them unfiltered on a web-site. This wouldn't be technically difficult, nor should it be hard to find people to do this. As more and more testimonials are recorded, any potential fear factor would go down in Iraq and it would provide incontrovertable evidence to offset the deluge of woe we are subjected to now.

Second, someone in Big Media needs to step back and truly assess Big Media's performance and start asking why Big Media, like the BBC, finds it necessary to "sex up" the coverage of Iraq to make it unequivocally appear worse than it is. Isn't this a major journalism with a capital "J" story? Fox News seems to be the only likley candidate to do this, but who knows? Maybe like Nixon and China, it will take someone with courage and a conscience (and a bigger profile than Bernard Goldberg) from the illiberal bastions of Big Media to do it and make it stick.

Well? How about it?

Posted by Charles Austin at September 6, 2003 10:04 AM

With regard to Big Media investigating Big Media's own meretricious proclivities: Never expect someone who poses as the Guardian of Virtue to accuse himself of a vice. The Bernard Goldbergs of the world are rare and precious, and risk all with their decisions to blow the whistle on their less worthy colleagues. Otherwise, right on, Brother Austin!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 11:45 AM

I've noticed, this week, that Fox has been commenting on all the "bad news" out of Iraq, and has been reporting lots of "good things happening" pieces.

Even Brit Hume, the other night, said that since everything seems to be negative, he was sharing a positive story, and read parts of that human shield guy's letter (can't think of his name, but it's been all over the Blogworld)

So -- maybe Fox is looking at attacking this.

Posted by: Sally at 02:58 PM

His name is Ken Joseph, Sally. And yes, it's a remarkable document, isn't it? Almost makes you believe in the perfectibility of Man.


Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 03:45 PM

Today even the LA times has an article that notices the same thing....,1,6235341.story?coll=la-home2-utilities

The main difference is that now we can find out what is happening via the blogs/Lucianne/Free republic/and FOX....

Posted by: nancy reyes at 03:07 PM