September 04, 2003

If I Were A Rich Man...

John Kerry sheds a tear, but there's nothing in the following story about shedding a few sheckels to help this poor woman out:

Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts and a Vietnam combat veteran with a reputation for aloofness, lost his composure when Barbara Woodman of Concord told him how she was battling to educate her children after being laid off from a publishing company. "I don't care how many jobs I have to work, those kids are going to college," she said. "And if I can, I'll do whatever it takes to make this country stronger." Kerry, sitting beside her in Mary Ann's Diner, a popular small-town New Hampshire stop for 2004 presidential candidates, choked up and his eyes watered. "That's very moving. It really is," he said, wiping away a tear. "No, it's tough."

How would he know? After all, he and Teresa only have about $400M to play with. Does anybody else wonder if John Kerry sleeps well with John Heinz's money? Maybe he could use some of it to buy a clue.

Kerry, who officially kicked off his campaign against eight Democratic rivals on Tuesday in South Carolina, another early primary state, started the day with extra bounce in his step and a sharper message. His wife, Teresa Heinz, the outspoken ketchup heiress and philanthropist, said she had made her husband ginger tea on Tuesday night and baked brownies in Nantucket before his "American Courage" announcement tour began.

"American Courage" announcement tour? What the hell is wrong with these people? Gee, I wonder if Ms. Woodman gets ginger tea and brownies very often.

"There's something about September," he said. "The sky's bluer, the air's clearer ... and this campaign has plenty of gas."

Oh yes, plenty of gas. Time to rev up the old "American Courage" SUV and start burning some of that gas.

Posted by Charles Austin at September 4, 2003 12:03 AM

Now, I may not be that normal but I was able to put myself thru college with no savings and no help from my parents. Graduated with about $1500 in student loans from my freshman year. Why the hell can't this woman's kids do the same? What the hell is there to get choked up about?

Posted by: Joe at 06:07 PM