August 31, 2003

Why I Doubt Environmental Scare-Mongering

Here's a wonderful story about how Yellowstone is not living down to all the dire predictions made after the fires there in 1988. Nature is remarkable and much, much stronger than enivornmentalists give it credit for being. We took a family cvacation to Yellowstone three years ago and, while there was clear damage from the fires, it was just as clear that the recovery of the natural landscape was moving briskly.

Of course, when the giant magma bubble beneath Yellowstone lake breaks through the surface, we are going to lose Yellowstone forever, for all practical purposes, as well as a whole lot more. But it won't be the fault of mankind or capitalism or global warming or any of the other bugaboos that are the nemesis of the angry left.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 31, 2003 11:32 AM

But when it happens it WILL be blamed on Global Warming....

Posted by: Martin at 02:19 PM