August 29, 2003

It Must Be True...

Because Hillary Said So!

Sen. Clinton Dismisses 2004 Speculation

Hillary's not stupid, so, unless President George W. Bush shows a real political weakness soon, the adults in her Party who can see beyond the dream world most Democrat activists live in will continue to advise her to stay out now to maintain her viability and plot for 2008.

Hillary will be 65 in 2012, so many assume she has to run no later than 2008 if she is to have a chance. Sadly, in one sense, I think they are right. I don't think the public will elect an "old-looking" woman even though we'll have little trouble electing an "old-looking" man. This isn't right, and it's got nothing to do with whether I deplore Hillary's politics or not.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 29, 2003 06:44 PM

um. facelift?

Posted by: tanya at 06:52 PM

Hillary is not stupid

Just evil!

Of course if they are planning for a 2008 presidential run, then they have to make sure that the Democrat candidate loses this time around so that she doesn't have to run against an incumbent in her own party.

Posted by: Richard Nieporent at 07:14 PM