August 29, 2003

Everything Old Is New Again

The Professor wonders why the Democrat Party is going along with Cruz Bustamante's cynical racism to win votes, and asks if winning is more important to them than racism. But if Democrats care more about winning than racism, ostensibly to obtain the power to eliminate racism, isn't that analogous to the oft criticized Vietnam era aphorism of having to having to destroy a village in order to save it?

Posted by Charles Austin at August 29, 2003 02:24 PM

The Rats don't give a rats --- about racism. That bunch is as racist as they come. ie - "minorities are too dumb to think for themselves, we (the Rats) must tell them what to do in all aspects of their sorry lives...) Talk about pulling the wool over ones eyes, they are the best at this game. Especially the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Posted by: N. at 04:25 PM

Sorry, came here by way of the Wizbang caption contest.

So there's no difference between George Wallace/Lester Maddox and Cruz Bustamante? I had no idea! Being a Texas resident, I wasn't going to vote for him. Now, I'm REALLY not going to vote for him.

Well, I guess I'm as powerless to stop this line of hyperbole.. er.. comparison as the next guy.

Posted by: Norbizness at 04:50 PM

Don't worry,Norbiz,you'll have a chance to decide about someone like him in your own state in the near future.

Posted by: M at 05:24 PM

People like the Mechistas - including most leftwing activists on issues of racism - do not believe that a member of an "oppressed" group can be called "racist," or racist in the same way that members of the dominant ethnic group can be. Similarly, from this perspective feminists aren't ever "sexist." This isn't a statement about the bias of ethno-activists, but rather about the political critique they either explicitly embrace or unquestioningly inherit.

The description of the MECHA as racist may stick, however, as the general populace as well as the larger followership in such groups may be much more sensitive to the charge than activists, theorists, and PC college students.

Posted by: Colin MacLeod at 06:48 PM

Well, yeah, there IS a difference between Bustamante and Wallace/Maddox. The latter weren't demanding that the South be handed over to a foreign country.

And Wallace eventually abandoned his racism.

Posted by: Alan K. Henderson at 03:27 AM

Well, the Bustamonte support proves that California Dems care more about winning than they do about racism, and the OJ verdict proved they care more about racism than they do about murder (anger at Furman completely eclipsed the fact that OJ murdered two people) then that means that the Dems care more about winning than they about murder.

Arnie better start wearing a bullet proof vest if the polls start showing him winning.

Posted by: MarkD at 11:08 AM