August 29, 2003

How Do You Push the Boundary Once the Boundaries Are Gone?

Drudge says:

Tongues wag over Schwarzenegger's '77 raunch mag interview...

Silly me, I thought that MTV had a monopoly on tongue wagging:

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera gave a writhing tribute to Madonna on Thursday night as MTV presented its 20th annual Video Music Awards by reaching into its past.

Dressed in the same kind of white bustier wedding dress that Madonna wore while performing "Like a Virgin" during 1984's inaugural show, Spears and Aguilera gyrated on stage while singing a cover of the not-so-innocent tune. Then, while Madonna sang her new song "Hollywood" in an all-black outfit, she shared an open-mouthed kiss with both Aguilera and Spears - proving the former teen stars have come a long way since their Mouseketeer days.

I find this pretty darned funny. MTV goes to great length to censor any mention or image of drugs, obscene gestures, or specific words, yet they have no problem promoting sluttiness to adolescents. This also means that within five years, MTV and the MTV Video Music Awards are either going to have live sex acts on stage or they are going to fade into a well deserved obscurity. Actually, it may only be three years with projected images or shadows now that I think about it. Let's face it, there isn't a whole lot further they can go to keep it fresh, real and on cutting edge. Oh yeah, baby. As the kids say, "that's sick."

Posted by Charles Austin at August 29, 2003 02:08 PM

Jump the Shark (noted previously at by MIB).

Posted by: Steve Malynn at 03:39 PM

Next year, Bill Clinton and some on stage oral sex, then the entire audience melts into an orgy... Whoa! I'm back now.

Posted by: N. at 04:30 PM

How long has it been since MTV actually aired music videos instead of the garbarge they do show?

Posted by: Jon at 04:39 PM