August 28, 2003

Na Na Na Na Na Na Nineteen

What is it about Al Qaeda and groups of 19 young men?

Suspected members of a Canadian al-Qaeda sleeper cell who may have tested explosives and plotted attacks were told yesterday they will have to remain in custody for at least another month.

Immigration judges ruled there were sufficient grounds to hold the Pakistani men while counter-terrorism investigators examine 25 boxes of documents and 30 computers seized during recent raids.

"Obviously, it will be necessary for the authorities to sift through that material," Dennis Paxton, a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, said at the hearing of Aqeel Ahmed. "That obviously will take a long time, but so be it."

Seven of the 19 men arrested on Aug. 14 by a terrorism task force appeared before the immigration board. Four were ordered back to Maplehurst Correctional Centre, but another could be released today if he posts bail. Two other hearings were held behind closed doors. More of the men were to appear today at hearings to determine whether they can be released.

Are they nuts? Or just fans of Paul Hardcastle? Or both?

Posted by Charles Austin at August 28, 2003 11:11 PM