August 28, 2003

Don't Tell Frank!

Ms. Condoleezza Rice says:

The Bush administration has parted company with America's allies on many issues, most notably with the U.S. decision early this year to lead the war in Iraq without firm backing from the United Nations. Other disagreements have involved the environment, a nuclear test ban treaty and the international criminal court, among other issues. Rice said differences of opinion are bound to happen, and that too much should not be read into them when they occur. "Occasionally, we'll have differences," she said in the interview. "But that does not mean that the United States does not value its allies, does not value the opinions of its allies. And it, most especially, does not mean that we don't need allies." Rice also rejected the interviewer's comparison of the United States to the Roman Empire, which sought to acquire foreign countries.

"The United States has no imperial ambitions," she said.

Wait until the Rumsfeld Strangler hears this!

Posted by Charles Austin at August 28, 2003 10:53 PM