August 21, 2003

As Long As He Stays Out of Alabama

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

Angry Davis gets personal with voters
Town hall group told: 'I have faith in God'

And all this time I thought it was angry voters getting personal with Davis.

"I have faith in God," Davis told a town hall audience here, showing a rare personal side. "I carry a little card around with me that says, 'Nothing will happen to me today that the Lord and I can't handle together.' I trust you will make a good judgment and I believe in the end, people will want me to continue my job. There are no guarantees in life."

Well, I guarantee that Gray Davis' days as Governor of California are numbered. Like Gray said himself, "I believe in the end..." But I am looking forward to the conflation of the separation of church and state with the separation of Gray and state by the ACLU.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 21, 2003 01:09 PM