August 14, 2003

Language and Other Oddities

Shouldn't we call a hot water heater a heat water hotter?

Whose wont was what we won't want?

If you could travel at the speed of light and look back at the path you are taking, would everything be dark?

Wasn't The Grateful Dead's biggest single, "A Touch of Gray"? Maybe it will be Gov. Davis' anti-recall theme song, "... I will get by, I will survive."

Arnold Schwarzenegger has only played one bad guy in the movies. And he has rectified that twice.

Words I have said on several occasions that I dread hearing from my daughter, "I'm going to see a guy I met on the Internet."

Posted by Charles Austin at August 14, 2003 07:16 PM

FYI.........Will & Tony were on CSpan this morning.....they were great!

Posted by: Rags at 09:32 AM

You have a very odd mind.

I like that in a person.

Posted by: susanna at 03:33 PM