August 12, 2003


Ya know, I thought that I had been seeing a lot more Schwarzenegger movies than usual over the last month or so. Now that the FCC is calling the airing of Arnold's movies "political speech" requiring equal time (for up to 240 people!!!), you aren't going to see any more Schwarzenegger movies broadcast for a while. Show one 2-hour Schwarzenegger movie and the next 12 days of your broadcast time must be given over to equal time for every Tom, Dick and Gary Coleman who has qualified to run for the governor of California.

Honestly, this is ..., well ..., dumb.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 12, 2003 11:09 PM

At least this saves us from Different Strokes reruns for two months, as well.

Posted by: Mark Byron at 10:33 AM

If only Adam Sandler would run for CA governor.

Posted by: JulieC at 06:52 AM

And yet, Predator was on last night. Is this going to lead inevitably to repeats of "Different Strokes"?

Posted by: Kerry at 10:21 AM