August 03, 2003

Fading Fast

Dick Gephardt gave up everything for a final run at the White House. But the bad news just keeps coming fast and furious.

No crocodile tears here.

Posted by Charles Austin at August 3, 2003 02:04 PM

So in the last 2 weeks, Gephardt has staked his chances in Iowa on the endorsement of a bunch of semi-known officials, and made a foreign policy speech in which he said that smashing two nations known for sponsoring terror had made us less safe because it lost us the support of officials overseas and in large international organizations. (Which begs the question, okay, how exactly does being liked by France make al-Qaeda LESS likely to try again?)

Okay, I think I get his worldview now. Too bad; in some ways he seems the most regular-guyish out of the bunch, but he's clearly in thrall to the idea that you matter if you have a job title that matters. That's not even a pre-9-11 worldview; that's like, jeez, a pre-1961 worldview.

Posted by: Mike G at 10:03 PM